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Pink Tower Montessori

Providing a nurturing and stimulating environment to the growing community of the Avondale neighborhood.

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Why Choose Pink Tower


“Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces real happiness.“
– Maria Montessori


“When a child concentrates his character is changed. It is as though he had taken off a mask.“
– Maria Montessori


“To perfect any given activity, the movement will be needed as the last stage of the cycle.“
– Maria Montessori.


“The child seeks for independence by means of work; independence of body and mind.“
– Maria Montessori


Our Philosophy

Pink Tower Montessori School is proud to serve the Chicago area by providing your child with an authentic Montessori education! Our dedicated staff applies every day the Montessori philosophy and method of “following the child”. We lay a solid foundation for your child’s journey through academia and nurture the awareness of his/her part in the community.


Some of our activity’s

  1. Outside activities
    Our school is enhanced by our proximity to the two neighborhood parks,
  2. Suzuki Violin
    We offer extra-curricular activities such as individual and group music lessons
  3. Spanish Lessons
    Extra-curricular activities
  4. Cello lessons
    Extra-curricular activities such as individual and group music lessons

Our Classrooms

Our school consists of two classrooms each carefully designed according to your child’s age group. The Sunshine Room hosts 2 to 3 years old, and the Rainbow Room, our Primary Group, accommodates children 3 to 6 years of age.  vc

What parents are saying.

  • 5

    We're absolutely thrilled to be sending our son to this school. We love the structure of the day, the other kids at the school, and especially Ms. Ana-Maria and Ms. Deacon. Our son is never bored and comes home with stories of all the activities and adventures that happen at Pink Tower. If you want to send your child to a unique and one of kind educational environment that is affordable and NOT a daycare, please send them here.

    Steve L.
  • 5
    Our 2YO daughter currently attends this preschool program and the attention she receives is wonderful. She came from a Montessori nursery and I can see how Pink Tower will continue to expand and enhance her learning and curiosity as she continues to grow. I feel fortunate we found such a great fit on our first try and feel very happy that she will attend this school until kindergarten! As an added bonus, Ana-Maria has been extremely responsive in our inquiries and interactions.
    Sheila P.
  • 5
    My daughter started here in the spring. She loves it and we love it at Pink Tower Montessori School. The director Ana-Maria and the teachers are wonderful. I know my daughter enjoys going here each day because she's always excited in the morning, to go spend the day with her teachers and friends. It is also nice because they go on trips to the park. Everyone cares about the children and it really shows. So glad to have my daughter attending here.
    Chris C
  • 5
    Love love love PTMS! Our little girl started at the end of the summer at age two and she has grown into a little independent girl thanks to all the teachers that make up PTMS. The Montessori method and the overall calmness that is displayed throughout the day resonated with us when we were deciding on where to send our LO. I look forward to our one year old boy joining this group when he turns two.
    Rachel W.
  • 5
    Our son has been attending Pink Tower Montessori for the past 7 months and it has been an amazing experience for all of us! The teachers are all so caring and nurturing and have helped instill a growing independence in our 2.5 year old! The director, Ana-Maria, is extremely responsive and helped make the transition for our son seamless! We cannot recommend this school enough!
    Patricia P.
  • 5
    Our son has been at Pink Tower since September, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. The school itself is a gorgeous space and feels so bright and calm. The teachers are wonderful, caring, and nuturing, and we have seen so much independence from our son in even the few months that he has been there. We can't recommend Pink Tower enough!
    Sarah C.
  • 5
    My daughter was only at Pink Tower for the summer, but loved her time there.  She was so excited to come home and tell us all about her day and all the ways she is able to do things on her own.  They taught great skills, like brushing teeth after meals and how to brush your hair.  And she loved to tell us about the parks they went to each day.  Highly recommend!
    Katie V.
  • 5
    We send our 2 year old daughter to PTMS and have been so pleased with the care and attention she receives from both Ms. Deacon and Ms. Ana-Maria. We were coming from an in-home daycare and I was nervous about the transition since we were not previously a Montessori family. The team was so patient and considerate through the (shockingly easy) transition and now my daughter even asks for "playgroup" on the weekends -- a true testament to how much she loves the school. Both women have been compassionate, responsive and truly make me proud to have them in my kiddo's life. Wonderful caregivers and exceptional role models.
    Erica S.
  • 5
    We put my son on the list to start this school several months before he was old enough, and now that he is 2, we are so, so glad we did! The director, Ana-Maria, has been very considerate and responsive, both while we were in the process of enrolling and now that our son is attending the school. Our son is so excited to go to 'school' every morning, and this enthusiasm started the first week he was there. I was worried there would be a tough transition from the home daycare we had been at, but he is so comfortable that it hasn't been an issue. We love Pink Tower!
    Nicole E.